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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or StaffTyler Date: Oct 14, 2003 2:15am
Forum: etree Subject: NJ3 and DAT's

A friend of mine once wrote up this little break down. he is a DAT taper and knows a lot more about it then I:

(This section was copied from a post a bay area taper put up on www.benharper.net in may)

if you are interested in quality first and price second your options break down in the following order

this is for "stealth" type small/portable gear...computer based and stand type gear is a whole different breakdown

1. Sony PCM-M1 DAT (pro model-no SCMS) -- ~$725
2. Sony D100 DAT (same as PCM-M1 without SCMS override) -- ~$725
3. Sony D8/D7 DAT (older generation "consumer" DAT recorders) -- ~$650
4. Sharp "High End" MD recorders (MD-MT770/MD-MT877/etc) -- starts near $225
----better designed for recording than the sony's; support MDLP mode
5. Sony "High End" MD recorders -- starts near $225?
----some support "on the fly changing of recording levels (an essential feature)
6. Sharp "Low End" MD recorders (MD-MT15/MD-MT90/etc) -- low $100 or less
----no support for MDLP mode, support for on the fly levels -- solid, affordable
7. Sony "Low End" MD recorders (most) -- low $100 or less
----no support for MDLP, no support for "on the fly" levels
8. Creative Nomad recorders..these can record in raw wav format, but they are a pain in the a$$ to use and are REAL flakey for recording...avoid

I don't understand it fully, but with DAT's, there are a few ways to get the tunes into your computer. One is to actually buy a DAT drive that you put your DAT's into in your computer, and transfer them in that way. Another is to get a 7 pin cable that allows you to connect to your optical soundcard optically. I again don't know much about it since I don't record with DAT, but from what I have heard, they have stopped making these cords and are getting harder and harder to find, mostly on e-bay for large $.


My opinion, since you have the money for a DAT is to not go for a dat and go for the Nomad Jukebox 3. $300 brand new, and also get the lithium 'long-life' battery. I am not sure if it is packaged with it, but i think it is only purchased separate and is about $80. It is steep but it is really needed. Without it your recording time on a fully charge will only be maybe an hour or maybe 2/2.5 if you're pushing it. that can be cutting it close for a long show. The lithium battery on full charge i have heard to get 10 hours of recording time. perfect for festivals and the like.

The other great thing about the NJ3 is yes, you can record it .mp3, and yes, you should avoid that in the live music world, since it is a lossy format. BUT you can also record directly to the unit in uncompressed .wav format. This is the option you will want to use. Plus, the newwest jukebox (the one you want to get) has a large storage area (20 GB? i think?) so you will be able to record many shows without fearing it to be 'full'.

Transfers are simple, fast, and USB based. The recording is already in a file form, so just USB connect it, transfer the files and you're done. With DAT and MD recordings, you have to open soundforge, or another audio recording program and 'record' while you play the recording into your computer at 1X. Takes some time.

I do know some people who have been DAT tapers and moved to the Nomad and have never looked back. Not one problem, not one complaint, they love it! but i do know some poeple that have not liked it. I higly suggest it for ease of use, size (about the size of a portable CD player), and just overall good times with it. If you want to go for a DAT deck, hopefully others with more experience can help you with that area, but if you want to hear some good NJ3 recordings, look around in the april/may and onward 2003 Jason Mraz shows. Shows by Jon K were mostly done on his NJ3 (check source info on details pages) and you can sample what it sounds like.

As far as mics go, I still say the audio technica 831 mics are the highest quality for the smalest price. $119 is so much cheaper then Shoeps or any other $2000 pair of mics, and the quality is so great with the AT831's. It is the only pair i have, and I have made some near soundboard qualiyt recordings with them. One recording is being used for a commercial release by the artist.

The point is, start with the at831 mics and focus on your skills, your position in the show, technique. Expensive mics in the hands of a newbie can still produce shit. If you get better and want to upgrade, mics are where to put the money. The deck is still just a deck. My opinion is to get the Nomad.

Happy Taping! It is a fun world. :)

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Poster: kwaved Date: Oct 14, 2003 4:20am
Forum: etree Subject: common ground

The point is, start with the at831 mics and focus on your skills, your position in the show, technique. Expensive mics in the hands of a newbie can still produce shit. If you get better and want to upgrade, mics are where to put the money. The deck is still just a deck. My opinion is to get the Nomad.

The NJ3 is an excellent starter solution, as for mics well I personally would stay away from the AT series I do agree that you can always upgrade your equipment, no need to spend $5K to start if you aren't sure that taping is for you. There is a very distinct subculture of taping, etc that isn't for everybody {LOL}

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Poster: datgeek Date: Oct 14, 2003 11:53am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Mic/Pre/Deck

just a couple of notes...
JB3 + Extra Internal Battery >> works just fine and cheaper than a used DAT deck...

the Octava 012 mics can be found at several "mass music retailers" for about 100$ each or less, much better than the AT models

Edirol UA-5 with the Oade digital Mod

with this setup
A:) you already have an optical output that the JB3 Needs as well as 24bit > computer if you want to go that route in the futur

B:) you can easily upgrade the mics later when you want to

C:) you can have the accual Pre-amp part of the UA-5 upgraded from oade as well..

D:) if needed this unit "can" be stealthed (I dont stealth anything but it was mentioned)

E:) with the JB3 instead of a DAT there is NO transfer problems because the file is already in a WAV format..

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Poster: TwirlyJet Date: Sep 7, 2004 9:16am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: jukebox 3

Hi are you still around? I have some recording questions.